Driveways - Hot Tar and Shingle

Shingle refers to small stones, 6-10mm in diameter, that may be angular or rounded. Angular shingles are usually sourced from quarries, a by-product of the crushing processes, whereas rounded shingle is from a fluvial source, such s old river beds, beaches and channel dredging. RJB Paving can provide shingle of almost any colour, depending on the parent rock type, or even a multi-coloured blend.

Shingle, and other surface dressings, provide a relatively simple path structure at low cost. Surface dressing is Hot K170 Tar with 6-10mm shingles rolled into the tar.


All edging to the surfaces should be protected by some form of edging, choosing a treated wooden edging or a concrete edging in a variety of shapes and colours.

Wearing/Surface Courses

There are three main types of tarmac surface;

  • Hand laid bitmac, for domestic driveways, footpaths and other small areas
  • Machine laid bitmac for larger drives, forecourts and roads
  • Hot rolled asphalt (HRA) machine-laid as a wearing course in public roads

Driveway Construction

Driveway Construction

Macadam and Asphalts

Macadam's are all based on the principle of an aggregate coated with a binder, usually bitumen, hence 'bituminous macadam'. Asphalts are a mixture of asphaltic cement or mortar (often a bitumen with fine aggregates such as sands and grits) and some coarser aggregates, such as gravel or crushed rock.

Driveway Construction
Driveway Construction