Residential Area, Rayleigh - Case Study

Job Date: May 2012

Hot tar shingle provides an excellent and attractive surface for finishing off driveways. It is also long lasting and with RJB Paving's specialised equipment can be laid and finished off quickly, taking a couple of days work at the most to allow settling and drying off between applications.

A client had recently finished re-building some properties in a residential area of Rayleigh and needed a new drive/road surface leading to the properties to replace the existing one. RJB Paving were approached by the client, due to our experience in this type of work and our competitive pricing.

The application was a three part process over 3 days. The first job was to prepare the existing surface by removing some of the debris from the building work and laying a sub-base to create an even platform for the next layer.

On day 2, a layer of tarmac was applied over the sub-base and rolled to flatten any bumps and compact the tarmac at the same time. This gives the best possible surface to apply the hot tar shingle.

Finally, the Hot Tar Shingle is laid using our specialised laying equipment. The hot tar is spread evenly and whilst still hot the shingle is laid. The hot tar acts as a strong bond between the tarmac and the shingle. The shingle was rolled with a medium mechanical roller and this helps to creative the adhesive finish. The area is restricted over night to allow the surface to fully bond and is ready for use the very next day.