Darcey Mews, Billericay - Case Study

Job Date: June 2012

Darcy Mews is an outstanding new development in Billericay of mews style housing situated just off the High Street behind Barclays Bank plc. The development was completed in the last couple of months and provides some excellent accomodation and living space for residents in close proximity of the high street and local amenities.

After the housing development had been completed and all heavy traffic no longer needed access to the site, the driveway and parking areas were next to be finished off. RJB Paving were commissioned to undertake the work because of their expertise in this area and the fact that they could complete the work within the short timeframe allocated.

The first stage was to lay down hot tar and shingle to the area immediately adjacent to the houses to give a pristine look to the development and provide a hard wearing finish to the area. RJB Paving were able to complete the inital work quickly as they brought in their heavy machinery including a Tarmacer lorry and heavy duty sit-on-roller.

With stage one complete, the next task was to complete the resurfacing of the car park area behind Barclays Bank plc, lining up and labelling individual bays for car park space allocation. This work had to be scheduled on a Sunday to minimise disruption to the area and to prevent vital parking spaces for staff not being available during the midweek. The resurfacing consisted of preparing the area first with some tarmac where the surface was uneven. A final tarmac layer was then applied and compressed to give an excellent finish to the area. Once dry, the lining of the bays was completed and numbers allocated to control the alloted parking spaces.

The work was completed and the area is now considered a prestigious new development that has turned wasteland into an area that has benefited the look and quality of the dwellings in Billericay.